Medical Office Administrators are responsible for managing medical offices and facilities, including the patient care and business side of the operations.  Florida Education Institute’s program provides instruction in the administrative and clinical roles of the medical assistant in different healthcare settings.  Medical Office Administrator is a great fit for people who have leadership qualities and want to develop further their ability to manage people and operations, including the patient care and administrative functions.

This Degree Program

Students in this degree program are instructed on how to work in a medical environment where their skills can be instrumental in the operations of a medical office or facility, including:

Clinical Skills

• Preparing patients and assisting physicians during examinations
• Patient care and communication
• Preparing patients for medical visits/procedures
• Measuring and recording vital signs
• Performing routine laboratory tests
• Sterilizing and maintaining equipment
• Implementing emergency procedures as required

Administrative Skills

• Medical office management
• Business office operations
• Scheduling appointments
• Working with insurance claims and billing
• Insurance claims processing
• Managing the medical office personnel
• Managing office and medical documents
• Maintain accurate records
• Assuring billers and coders bill for services provided

Is this Career for You?

Do you feel you have the leadership and management qualities to make a medical office or physician’s office successful?  Do you feel an Associate Degree would make you more marketable in the medical field?  If so, consider a degree in Medical Office Administrator.

Successful Medical Office Administrator
students can be described as:

• Attention to detail
• Organized and analytical
• Interpersonal communication skills
• Able to adhere to policies and procedures
• Team-oriented

Some of the coursework in our program covers:

• Anatomy and Physiology
• Medical Terminology
• Medical Office Procedures
• Clinical Procedures
• Coding Concepts
• Healthcare Insurance
• Externship

Employment Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical records and health information technicians, including medical billers, is projected to grow by 15% from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations.  The demand for healthcare services will continue to increase and, therefore, so will the demand for this medical profession.

Career Opportunities

This program is designed to make the graduates feel confident and prepared for an entry-level position in a variety of medical settings including:

• Medical and physicians’ offices
• Outpatient facilities
• Clinics
• Hospitals
• Most healthcare organizations

Finding Employment Opportunities After Graduation

After graduation our Placement Staff can assist you (at no cost) in finding employment opportunities.

This is the one service our school offer that every graduate should really take advantage of in order to assure that their education pays off right away.

We strongly encourage every graduate to actively work and communicate with Career Services.   The Placement Staff works out of our Career Services Office and they are a great resource to have on your side.  Here are just some of the things we do:
• After graduation, we first sit down and plan your success.
• Together we will know which employers to target.
• We will focus on following a smart job search plan.
• Our Career Services Placement Staff can provide effective job search techniques.
• We constantly are developing relationships with employers for the benefit of graduates.